The vision of Sustainable Seedbanking is the development of sustainable agricultural practices, this is in line with many Governments and Non-Government Organisation’s goals and will help achieve KPI’s.

Development of sustianability is not a easy task and it can by no means be done overnight, it takes time, resources and commitment.  The support section is designed for:

  • Government ministries,
  • Government departments, or
  • Development Authorities or Agencies
  • Foundations or Associations

The support can take on many forms including, financial, logistics support, facilitation and assistance of delegates, or dedicated programs during the Forum.

Sustainable Seedbanking Forum is an excellent platform to highlight your organisations commitment to the future including Social Goals and Government Transformation Goals.  The development of the sustainability and sustainable futures of tomorrow ultimately affects everyone of us.  It falls to responsible organisations to take up this challenge.

The impact of supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit includes:

Enhance Your Organisation’s Visibility – Supporting clearly states your organisations commitment to leadership advancement, both to the public and to your team, while making known your programs and support which is available to the community.

Expand Your Network – Develop relationships with other top-level leaders both nationally and internationally.

Leverage Off Your Investment – Reward high-potential staff so that they can also learn and contribute their experiences and knowledge for the development of this sector.

Recruit Talent – with a shortage of talent globally, we are bringing all the top talent to one place

For more information please contact:

Nordin Abdullah
Organising Chairman
Sustainable Seedbanking Forum
c/o Glenreagh Sdn. Bhd.
Phone: +603 9205 7769
Fax: +603 9205 7788
Email: [email protected]