@ MyAgro 2011

Stakeholder Meeting

The Sustainable Seed Banking Forum was recently recognised by the Developing – 8 (D-8) group of countries in the Ministers meeting in Tehran, the recognition received will assist in the successful organisation of the Sustainable Seed Banking Forum which will be held in Putrajaya.

Prior to that important Forum we are organising the Sustainable Seed Banking Forum – Stakeholder Roundtable, in conjunction with MyAgro 2011 between 20 – 23 September, 2011. YB. Datuk Seri Noh Bin Omar, the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries, has been invited to attend a deliver the opening remarks.

The importance of seeds is often over looked, during the Stakeholder Roundtable several issues will be discussed including:

  • Seed Supply and its impact on food production
  • Seed Management & Bio-Diversity
  • Impact of food based inflation
  • Food Security & Political Security – Improving the Supply Chain
  • Central Seed Bank or Seed Banking Network
  • Other related issues brought up by participants

These issues are on the cutting edge of the government transformation plan and will have a lasting effect on Industry.

The Sustainable Seed Banking Forum is made possible by supporters and sponsors, as organising chairman I would like to invite your organisation to take an active role in the resolution of these issues, attached is the packages for your consideration.