Media Secretariat

Media Secretariat

Sustainable Seedbanking Forum will provide a fully operational media secretariat during the Forum.

The following services will be provided on a complimentary basis to all media partners and accredited media:

  • Access to Dedicated Media Room (free flow of coffee/tea and snacks)
  • Media Liaison Staff
  • Free WIFI Internet access
  • Computers
  • Printing and photocopying
  • Access to official photographs
  • Access to official footage

The following services are available but will require a written request prior to the Forum:

  • Access to Dedicated Photographer
  • Access to Dedicated Video Camera Crew
  • Assistance in securing one on one interviews

Should your organisation require further assistance please contact:

Ms. Somaya Ong
Director – Media Relations
Sustainable Seedbanking Forum
c/o Glenreagh Sdn. Bhd.
Phone: +603 9205 7769
Fax: +603 9205 7788
Email: [email protected]