Media Releases

Putrajaya to Host Sustainable Seed Banking Forum Working with the various stakeholders, Sustainable Seed Banking Forum will be hosted there.

MARDI to Co-Organise Sustainable Seed Banking Forum Following a recent meeting, MARDI has agreed to come on board as co-organisers of the Sustainable Seed Banking Forum, bringing years of experience in this field to help drive the development agenda, MARDI will also present the findings of the 6th National Seed Symposium

MABIC Lends Their Support The Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC) was set up in June 2000 to bridge the information gap amongst various stakeholder groups.  “Sustainable Seed Banking Forum is proud to be working together with MABIC as it is one of the leading NGO’s in this field in the country”, stated Nordin Abdullah

The Sustainable Seed Banking Forum which will be held in Putrajaya, Malaysia has this weekend launched it’s blog, twitter and facebook page.  Social Networking sites are become the domain of those who are interested in the environment.

The Managing Director of Glenreagh Sdn Bhd, organisers of the event said today “People want to know what is happening right now, social media is one way to keep up to date and informed about events and what global perspectives are right now.  We at Glenreagh have adopted the approach of keeping all people informed of what is happening in our part of the globe.  Even our clients are reaching us out of hours by using facebook links and twitter.”

If you want to stay in touch with how this important Forum is developing or to post a comment on our social media sites they are:

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