Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I pay online?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can I pay for my delegate pass and accommodation on arrival?

Answer: Yes, but signed booking and confirmation forms will need to be completed, payments will need to be made before entering the Summit or checking into the hotel.

Question: What airlines fly to Kuching?

Answer: The following air line fly to Kuching

From Kuala Lumpur

  • Air Asia
  • FireFly
  • MAS

From Singapore

  • Tiger Airways
  • Silk Air

From Bandar Seri Bagawan (Brunei)

  • Royal Brunei Airways

Question: Can I drive from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching?

Answer: No.  Kuching and Kuala Lumpur are separated by the South China Sea, the only way to reach Kuching is by airplane.

Question: What are the official accommodations for Sustainable Seedbanking Forum?

Answer: The official accommodation list is as follows:

  • Sheraton Four Points
  • Sommerset by Ascott

For more information regarding accommodation contact our secretariat.

Question: Are there other accommodations available in Kuching?

Answer: Yes, there is a wide range of accommodation available in Kuching, Sarawak.  From 1 star to 5 star luxury hotels.  The secretariat will be of assistance in recommending other accommodation as required.

Question: Is transportation provided during the Forum?

Answer: Yes, for all delegates and speakers, transport to and from the airport to official hotels is provided as well as transport to and from official hotels to the venue.

Question: What are the Visa requirements to enter Malaysia/Sarawak?

Answer: Visa requirements vary from country to country and are subject to change.  However, the organisers will provide an official letter of invitation to delegates which can be used as supporting documentation for visa applications.

Question: Are there special arrangement made for Emminent Persons/VIP/Diplomatic/Ministerial Delegations?

Answer: Yes, all arrangements including from Private Jet landing, VIP holding rooms at the airport and all clearances can be made.  Please contact the secretariat to ensure all matters are processed.

Question: As an observer what part of the program can I attend?

Answer: Observers are able to attend the opening session up until the lunch on the second day, the closing session, the reading of the resolution session on the last day and the exhibition throughout the duration of the Summit.

Question: As an observer am I able to vote on the resolutions, recommendations and/or declarations?

Answer: No, but if the chairman of the event allows we can accept certain requests so long as they are in the best interest and in line with the objectives of the Forum – only registered delegates can vote on Resolutions.

Question: What Sunday programs can I participate in?

Answer: All delegates and speakers will be eligible to attend one of the following programs:

  • Eco Program – Semolok Orang Utan Santuary
  • Cultural Program – Sarawak Cultural Village
  • Historial Program – Cat Muesum and Old Fort
  • Sports Program – Damai Golf Resort (18 holes)
  • Forestry Program – Sarawak Forestry to Arrange

Question: What are the Terms and Conditions of participation?

Answer: Terms and condition of attendance and participation.  All delegates must pay first or have a signed and agreed upon purchase order or local order from relevant government body.

The organiser has the right to ask any delegate or observer to leave the event should that individual become a risk to others, or stops the Forum or any component of the Forum proceeding along normal grounds.

All delegates, participants and observers agree that the copy right of all materal produced, print, audio, video etc during the Forum and its related programs is the property of the organiser and as such can not be reproduced without the express consent of the organiser.