Sustainable Seedbanking Forum is an excellent platform to highlight your company’s commitment to the future. The development of the Sustainable Seed Products ultimately effects everyone of us, it falls to responsible organisations to take up this challenge. More importantly, this group of people can have a last effect on your business. The impact of Partnering with Sustainable Seedbanking Forum includes:

Enhance Your Brands’ Visibility – Partnership clearly states your organisation’s commitment to sustainable advancement, both to the public and to your employees.

Expand Your Network – Develop relationships with other top-level leaders in this field both nationally and internationally.

Leverage Your Investment – Reward high-potential employees or special clients.

Recruit Talent – with a shortage of talent globally, we are bring all the top talent to one place

Boost Employee Productivity – increased motivation levels combined with new tools & strategies. Sustainable Seedbanking Forum will work with leading companies and have prepared packages that suit both budget and desired impact in the market.

Sponsorships that are available are as follows:

  • Title Sponsor
  • Signature Sponsor
  • Platinum Sponsor
  • Gold Sponsor
  • Silver Sponsor
  • Event Sponsor
  • Lunch Sponsor
  • Dinner Sponsor
  • Workshop Sponsor
  • Site Visits Sponsor

For more information please contact:

Nordin Abdullah
Organising Chairman
Sustainable Seedbanking Forum
c/o Glenreagh Sdn. Bhd.
Phone: +603 9205 7769
Fax: +603 9205 7788
Email: [email protected]