Call for Speakers

Speakers & Panelist

Sustainable Seedbanking Forum is interested to have a wide range of speakers, panelist and workshop leaders.

In the current global climate the important role that Sustainable Seedbanking Forum is taking on the defining issues of our time which will see leaders from the all sectors of society weighing in to chart the way forward.

Sustainable Seedbanking Forum is accepting papers for the following sessions:

  • Working Group Meeting – Seed Banking
  • Working Group Meeting – Seed Technology & Advances in Research
  • Working Group Meeting – Seed Security & Food Security
  • Panel session – Seed Banking
  • Panel Session – Sustainability
  • Panel Session – Food Security


Poster Presentation

The of study of seeds, seed banking, genetics, and related policy research and latest technological development is interesting, however not all presenters will be able to speak during the Forum’s different sessions, the Sustainable Seed Banking Forum will have a dedicated area for Poster Presentation.


On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to invite interested parties to contact the secretariat: [email protected]