NSAM joins as co-organiser

NSAM joins as co-organiser

The National Seed Association of Malaysia (NSAM) has recently come on board as a co-organiser of the Sustainable Seed Banking Forum (SSBF).

President of NSAM Dr. Mohammed Selamat bin Madom stated “we are proud to come on board as co-organiser; with the involvement of NSAM, SSBF will have wider involvement of all the seed associations and its members from around the globe”

The role of seeds are often over looked in the broader picture, “In the Malaysian context there are several Entry Point Projects created by the government in which seeds have a direct impact, understanding that this needs to be managed in a sustainable manner has become more apparent and important for Malaysia, the National Seed Association will contribute its knowledge and expertise to ensure their success.” Commented Dr. Selamat.

SSBF organising Chairman Nordin Abdullah commented “Seed trade is a globally important industry worth Billions annually, yet Malaysia as one of the worlds largest trading nations are not major players in this sector yet, this is an important step” and further commented “Seed trade and seed banks go hand in hand; imagine trying to manage the supply of money with out financial institutions, now try to imagine trying to manage seed supply with out seed banks.”

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