MARDI to Co-Organise Sustainable Seed Banking Forum

MARDI to Co-Organise Sustainable Seed Banking Forum

MARDI following a recent meeting has agreed to come on board as co-organisers of the Sustainable Seed Banking Forum, bringing years of experience in this field to help drive the development agenda, MARDI will also present the findings of the 6th National Seed Symposium held in Malaysia in March 2010.

Malaysia is continuing to develop a position as a leader in the developing world in many areas and is now setting its sights on becoming the leader in Seedbanking research and development to ensure food security stays at the forefront of the agriculture industry in South East Asia. Malaysia has already laid the foundation with National Seed Symposiums held annually.

“Six National Seed Symposiums makes them able to organise an international event now”, stated Mr Nordin Abdullah, Managing Director of Glenreagh Sdn Bhd, he went on to say “a number of the countries that will participate are looking towards Malaysia for leadership”

Malaysian Agriculture Research & Development Insitute (MARDI) Charter is:

MARDI is resolute in its effort to develop appropriate, efficient and viable technologies and to provide technology leadership to clients involved in the development of food and agriculture sector with unparallel dedication and professionalism. To realize this aspiration, MARDI constantly strives to fulfil its client’s needs by :-
• Developing 40 technologies annually which have the potential to be up-scaled, piloted, or commercialised for the benefit of the food and agriculture sector and related industries.
• Enhancing client performance through technology utilisation.
• Providing quality and accredited services for the development of food and agriculture sector.
• Providing client feedbacks for advisory services, information, training and expertise based on MARDI technology.

Mardi has been entrusted by the Malaysian Government to lead the efforts in seed banking for the agricultural sector.

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