Facing the Challenge of Sustainable SeedBanking in the Developing World

The theme for this Forum will be “Facing the Challenge of Sustainable SeedBanking in the Developing World”.

Currently in Malaysia and most of the developing world, the economic value of the agro sector can only be derived from post harvest or land value. In reality there is another economic value, the seed value or the genetic information.

There is a need to bring all stakeholders together, financial institutions, academia, NGO’s,Policy makers and the Agrobusiness sector, to effect the required paradigm shift that will allow the development of this industry raising it to world class levels while protecting biodiversity and developing food security.

Malaysia is one of the twelve “megadiversity” countries in the world. Sarawak has been listed as one key area for euphemism. Malaysia’s National Biodiversity Policy Vision is to “Transform Malaysia into a world centre of excellence in conservation,
research and utilisation of tropical biological diversity by the year 2020” The Policy Statement goes on to state “to conserve Malaysia’s Biological diversity and to ensure that its’ components are utilised in a sustainable manner for the continued progress and socio-economic development of the nation.”

Sarawak has been earmarked as the rice bowl of Malaysia. Tanjung Manis, part of SCORE, is being developed as a fully green and Halal city development. Currently infrastructure is being developed but there is a need to develop the
content and economic activities that will drive the sustainable development of the region.

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